It’s never too late to learn how to dress well. Looking right for whatever part you’re playing that day in life is half the job done, and sometimes all the job is done. See what you might have been doing wrong all the time or just brush up on these basics of menswear’s unsaid rules.

  1. The right fit

It doesn’t matter how sophisticated a look you’re going for. Know your body type and size and get your clothing accordingly. Find yourself to be athletic, then try a leaner cut like a slim fit and it will do wonders. Never try to fit yourself into your clothes and always the other way around. Tailored bespoke clothing usually is the best although quite on the expensive side.

  1. The blazer with everything

Find a perfect fitting blazer and wear it everywhere with everything and you still can’t go wrong. Pair it with formal trousers, chinos or go completely casual with a good pair of dark jeans and you’ve got formal business on top and approachable and casual at the bottom.

  1. Color it up

If your wardrobe is looking a bit too blue with your standard denim, it’s alright to color it up a little. Olive, khaki and grey denim look confident, strong and stand out all the while having a hint of sophistry to it.

  1. Slim, not skinny, slim

The modern is synonymous with minimal. Go for a pair of denim that hugs the figure of your calves yet having about an inch of fabric extra around it. This holds the shape and the jeans just skim your legs. This look modernizes your outfit and brings your wardrobe game up to speed.

  1. Oxfords over sneaker

Take your old shoes for a trip to the back of the closet and bring out a pair of oxfords. These classic shoes can never go wrong and will always heighten your appeal whether it’s a day at work with your best suit on or walk to the pub with your slim cut jeans and laid back henleys.

  1. Get sharp(er)

Short sleeve shirts don’t have to stay short sleeve. Cuff it up about two folds an inch each and walk out the door looking like you’ve put in the effort and yet have a ‘50s cool vibe around you. Don’t overthink it; it works.

  1. Dress it like Beckham

The modern is synonymous with minimal, but yes, also with athleisure. A performance t-shirt, joggers and a sharp hoodie all preferably in plain shades of grey, blue, or even baby pink will leave you looking like the British idol and just maybe get you a shoot with Kent and Curwen.

  1. Find your style and an icon who absolutely nails it

If you’re out shopping and would like to have an easier time finding what you like, it’s easiest to have a style icon. You don’t have to get magazine clipping right away but dropping a few names to your designer as well as pulling off a few looks by choosing out the same pieces yourself is a great idea for a set that works great for sure.