It’s the weekend and you’re super excited for that night out at the club you’ve been waiting for and can’t wait on try on that new jumpsuit you bought last week. You open up your wardrobe only to see the pile of clothes you’ve stuffed into it and drive yourself into confusion. You can’t decide what to wear and what will look nice with so many options in front of you and the need to look dashing at the club upon you. Here are a few tips that’ll probably save your weekend! These tips generally work for anyone but you can change it up a little bit here and there to match your body type and size, dressing sense, occasion you’re dressing for, and how much you’re ready to spend.

  • Move the Old! Doesn’t mean bring in the new

Decluttering anything always works to get your mind in thinking straight and clear. If your wardrobe is clean and ordered, so is your ability in picking out the clothes for the night. If you’re facing the trouble of not being able to choose between clothes just make sure you clean out your wardrobe by either selling your old clothes or just donating them to a nearby center and save a lot of time and possibly earn some money. Hoarding is never a good idea. Your wardrobe should have left in it only the clothes you would buy if you saw at a store right that instant. Color coordinating or organizing by type will also work and streamline your effort. Do this and you won’t be spending hours in front of the closet.

  • Pre-emptive is best

Shopping with intent is probably the best thing that hasn’t happened to you. Go out shopping with your hair and face well done with shoes much like what you’d wear for that next event that’s coming up. This way you know what you want to look and the clothes that’d go well. Shopping with a particular look in your mind helps you pick out what you want easier. Also, make sure you’re wearing panties you’ll wear that day. Panty lines shouldn’t be the one stopping you from looking you’re absolute best.

  • Don’t ignore the shoes

If you’re the victim of calluses like most women out there who like to wear heels it’s time you had a solution. Stretching out new shoes is the most effective way to make sure the fit is right and doesn’t rub against your heels causing dreaded pain and discomfort throughout the night. Placing a freezer bag filled with water inside the shoe and leaving the pair in the freezer overnight stretches the shoes out (although counter-intuitive) and leaves you with happy heels.

  • Health

This tip just cannot be left out. Your day can be as hectic as it can get but nothing much interfere with your sleep. Beauty sleep is exactly what it means. Sleep with scented candles, soft silk sheets, and plump feather pillow and you’ll wake up glowing and radiant